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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Independent Music Business

#SevAdvice.... In All actuality anyone who writes produces and records songs is in the Music Business.... However the Industry is a different thing! The industry is controlled by 4 major labels EMI, Universal Music Group, Sony BMG & Warner Music group! They have controlled the market share for years based on their ability to distribute physical albums! 

If signed the Artist is responsible for all unsold product which the record store gets to hold your money  for a year as they SEE if your ish gone sell at a Target in Boise Idaho where you spent no promotion $ smh! They send ALL unsold albums back at full price which comes out the artist money! 

So let's say, they say, Wayne shipped Platinum today... Well if after a year Wayne don't sell all those albums in Boise and 100,000 come back at full price, he didn't actually GO platinum... He SHIPPED platinum... Now he wants to see the books right? In this new industry, those distributors are obsolete a lot of new artist aren't signed, this is why they give away music free.. They live off shows and merch! We spend thousands of dollars on music only to sell it for $.99! You need a million fans to make a mill ... Fug that, I'm a hustler, I concentrate on a small portion off the whole, attack it until it totally submits, then move on to the next quarter and before you know it you got it Half beat! 

Moral of the story? ..., Know the Business, Own Your Shit, Invest in Self ... Keep your eyes on your on paper...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kanye Must Die (starring Seven the General & Myron Watkins | Short film about a man's obsession with Kanye West

A frustrated hip-hop producer becomes obsessed with the idea that Kanye West has stolen his music, goaded on by his recently paroled cousin whose goal is to obtain their grand parents estate and the Machiavellian advice of "The 48 Laws of Power"

Inspired by such classic American cinema as "Taxi Driver", "Kanye Must Die" is an independent short film written and directed by Al Profit. Shot in a single day around Detroit, KYMD is a truly "Hip Hop" movie in the best sense of the word--pure passion and creativity.

Starring: Seven the General, Myron Watkins, & Acacia Turner.
Executive produced and produced by Al Profit, Don Overton, and Carla Overton.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Outstanding Electronic/Dance Recording - The Go by Seven the General

Seven the General is Nominated for 4 DMA Awards and one of them is "Outstanding Electronic/Dance recording" for the song "The Go" prod. by Silent Riot Studios​ … it's a Hip-Hop GO-GO song that will be featured on his upcoming album… go ahead and clear some space in the living room so you can bug doe… click the link below to listen.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

DETROIT MUSIC AWARDS 2015 Nominee Seven the General

Congratulations to Seven the General 
winner of the 2015 Detroit Underground Hip Hop Award for 
-Best Full Length Project (A.R.T. the DIA project) 

April 27th, 2015 downtown Detroit at the Fillmore Theater Seven the General
is being honored by the Detroit Music Awards this year as he is nominated in 4 categories tickets available at live nation and the fillmore box office

Outstanding Rap/MC
Outsanding Rap Composer
Outanding Rap Producer
Outstanding Electronic/Dance recording